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The Johnsons

“I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” -Isabella Thorpe, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

This family brings these words to life. My favorite clients to photograph are the ones that have such a natural affection for each other, it’s impossible to miss the love that’s shared between them. It just oozes out of them, and that couldn’t be more true of the Johnson family.


These sisters!! As I know from personal experience, a sister is the greatest gift. Taylor and AJ, this one on the right needs to be blown up on my wall. I love it so much!



When I asked if Sophia had any input for the location of her senior session, she told me she wanted a forest.  We found her a forest and had


This next one is why I couldn’t stop referring to her as a magical forest fairy.  I meannnnn… her hair! that light!  


Sophia’s mom, Lauren, came along with us and I was able to steal the last few moments of golden light to take a couple portraits of the two of them together.  I love this so much…one of the best things ever is sharing life with a really incredible mom.


Woodsy in Dallas

I happen to be related to this fabulous family, and was so excited when I got to photograph them in their hometown of Dallas, Texas.  In the portraits below, you’ll see my wild and crazy Aunt Ann who’s always keeping things fun.  Next, my Uncle Kirk who is one of the kindest, most gentlemanly people on the planet.  And finally there’s my gorgeous cousin Kendall, who I was lucky enough to have stand up with me at my wedding this past summer as one of my bridesmaids.  Family is the best!  I’m excited to be in Dallas again this week for a dear friend’s wedding and visiting more family. Love them so!



Kendall is a perfect example of why it’s fun to “break the mold” a bit when it comes to wardrobe.  When I showed up at their house to help with outfit selection, Kendall was first thinking of wearing nice jeans and a sweater, which would have been cute, but a little too safe. Kendall is a total prepster at heart and I knew I wanted that to come across in her portraits. So when she gave me the go-ahead to search through her closet, we put her outfit together complete with cuffed wool shorts, patterned tights, riding boots, and a blazer.  “Cute” immediately turned into “striking” and totally set the tone for these images.