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Ireland | Part 3

Our third lesson in food styling was focused on meats and fish so in preparation, we made a trip into town to familiarize ourselves with the local shops.







Sharon, Susan, and I wandered through town and eventually made friends with the local butcher, a kind and hospitable man who even let me go into the back room with my camera to document the butchering.  On the wall of the shop was a list of the farms he sources from, including the names of the farm owners.  The meats were all grass fed, and all local. It felt quaint and old-world, and exactly the way it should be.



Upon returning home, Bea taught her lesson, and we were then left with a table full of beautiful meats and accompaniments to style a scene.  I was lucky enough to partner with Susan again and we chose to style some of our leftover shepherd’s pie.  With a little bit of fresh thyme, tomato, Maldon sea salt, baguette, and Irish butter, the scene began to take shape.






As we were finishing our assignments, our groundskeeper stopped by on horseback, inviting us out to Pepper’s Bar that evening.  The night was incredibly fun and unfolded into one of those times when I had to pinch myself to remind myself this is real life and I’m not at Disneyland.  Scene:  Five instrumentalists seamlessly join together to create lively, beautiful music.  Mid-song, a young girl starts Irish-jigging, followed by an old Frenchman who stands up for a dramatic story telling. Lots of food.  Lots of Guinness.  Lots of life.  Just another beautiful night in Ireland!


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