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Vintage Dresses, Storybooks, & Wedding Shoes

I loved every minute spent with this sweet family, and had so much fun with their darling girls, Maggie & Lily.  We began the session in the girls’ bedroom, reading books and trying on Mom’s wedding shoes.  Next, we relocated to a nearby field and ended our session with the last gorgeous light of the day.

P.S. Amy, the mama of this family is one talented lady; make sure to check out her gorgeous interior design work here!










Our Wedding Day

I will typically reserve this space for sharing my portrait work, but today I’m taking a break to share a little bit about our wedding day, and the people behind the scenes who made it so special.  We just received our wedding pictures last week, so it’s been a ton of fun to look through them, remembering and re-living the many incredible parts of that day.  A few of my favorites pictures from the day are included below, as well as a full list of our vendors + why I loved them.



↑↑ One of the most emotional parts of the day ended up being the first time my dad saw me in my dress.  It was so special to share that moment with him, and to have it documented in our wedding film (link to film at the bottom of this post).  It still gets me teary every time I watch it! ↑↑



↑↑ My oh so handsome groom. ↑↑




↑↑ One of my favorite parts of our ceremony was when we came down from the stage to pray with our parents as everyone was taking communion, and the world’s most wonderful gospel choir was singing one of our favorite hymns, “I Love the Lord.”  Mike and I experienced nothing but abundant love, support, and joy from all our parents during the whole wedding season and we couldn’t love them more.  So grateful. ↑↑




↑↑ The finest lookin bridal party I ever did see. ↑↑




↑↑ I love my families! ↑↑








And finally, this film was shown at the end of the wedding, right before Mike and I left the reception.  Tom O’Hara and his team at Aqua Vivus are miracle workers.  How they were able to produce this film in just a few short hours, perfectly capturing the spirit and emotion of the day, I’ll never know.  But I’m so very grateful.

Our Fabulous Vendors / a.k.a. It Takes A Village!

Ever After Events  |  Wedding Planner  |  I can’t say enough good things about Merilee Hennings.  She continually went above and beyond to make the planning feel manageable and organized.  Always pleasant, professional, and responsive, my mom and I loved spending time with Merilee and trusted her completely.

Posh Paperie  |  Paper Suite  |  Elizabeth and Karrie were so wonderful to work with.  Our print work was beautiful and exactly what I had pictured.  Plus, they earn an extra gold star for keeping all those details straight…don’t know how they do it!

Ryan Ray Photography |  Photographer  |  Ryan and Cary Ray are kind, humble, invested, aware, and everything you want your wedding photographers to be.  All the images above were taken by Ryan and we’re so thankful he was there to help us remember that day forever.

Aqua Vivus  |  Videographer  |  Tom O’Hara and his team of videographers are incredible storytellers and the film they made is one of my favorite things in life.  The investment is so worth it!

Flowers Annette Gomez  |  Florist  |  What sold us on choosing Annette for flowers was Annette.  Her personality is that wonderful!  I loved that she was willing to go back and forth with me, making lots of adjustments, to ensure that the flowers were exactly what we wanted.  In the end, my bouquet was bright and delicious — filled with mint, garden roses, and kumquats.  Just perfect.

Vera Wang  |  Wedding Dress  |  The kindness and hospitality of David Friedman and the entire team at the Vera Wang store in Los Angeles made our dress shopping experience so so fun and memorable.  We love you, David!

The White Dress  |  Bridesmaid Dresses  |  I knew I wanted each of my 12 girls to feel good in their dress and to look unique yet cohesive as a group.  The girls at The White Dress in Corona Del Mar helped us select lots of dress options within our color palette that most girls chose from, and then a few of my bridesmaids found their own dresses elsewhere.  I had my fingers crossed on whether or not the final product would look good, seeing as I didn’t see all 12 dresses together until the wedding day, but I love how it all turned out.

Giuseppe Fine Catering  |  Catering  |  Their food is incredible and their staff is just as lovely.  Our guests were definitely well fed that evening!

Martin Luther King Jr. Gospel Choir |  Ceremony Music  |  Ken Anderson and his choir set the tone for our ceremony with their beautiful, worshipful voices.  God has gifted them in unbelievable ways and if I could sit and listen to them sing all day, I would.

West Coast Music  |  Reception Music  |  Best. Wedding. Band. Ever.  The JB Project surpassed every expectation.  I danced so much, I turned into a puddle of sweat.  But it was totally worth it.

Michele Coulon Dessertier  |  Cake  |  I love Michele’s little shop in La Jolla and her dedication to using fresh, organic, local ingredients.  Michele accommodated us by making all 5 flavors of cake gluten-free, and they were beyond delicious.    The only thing we would have changed would be ordering more!

Thyme in the Ranch  |  Pie  |  I’ve grown up going to Rancho Santa Fe’s best lunch spot, Thyme in the Ranch, and the sight of their baking rack filled with cooling cookies, pies, and cakes, makes me happy every time I visit.  Having their pies at our a wedding was a must!

Classic Party Rentals  |  Rentals  |  So professional and easy to work with.  They gave us complete peace of mind, making sure we had everything we needed.

Tim Altbaum Productions  |  Lighting & Power  |  Tim and team strung our market lights, lit the yard, and made sure our power didn’t go out.  Major success!

Wendy McGill  |  Bridal Hair  |  Wendy, the owner of JDM Salon, is our wedding planner’s sister and hair stylist extraordinaire.  She is the sweetest, and worked her magic (twice! for a ceremony, and then reception look) to make my hair stay all day, even through all that dancing.

Janelle Nelson  |  Bridal Make-Up  |  I was super excited that Janelle would be doing my wedding makeup for 2 reasons… 1) she is ridiculously talented at creating a polished but natural look, and 2) hanging out with her on my wedding day made the day that much more fun and memorable.  She’s the BEST!

Lux Beauty Bar  |  Bridesmaid Hair & Make-Up  |  Michele and Annie Benaroch own Studio Lux and Michele has been cutting my hair since I was in 5th grade!  They are the most kind and gracious people, and their team came to the house on wedding day for bridesmaids’ hair and makeup.  They did a fabulous job with my gorgeous maids.

Joe’s on the Nose  |  Coffee Cart  |  I didn’t even get to try their organic coffee creations the night of the wedding, but I heard they were a hit!

Sunset Valet  |  Valet  |  Total miracle workers.  They somehow managed to park  and deliver over a hundred cars on the winding streets of Rancho Santa Fe, with minimal lines for our guests.

And finally…

Mom  |  Partner In Crime  |  From the moment we got engaged, my mom went above and beyond to do all the hard stuff. Seemingly endless amounts of phone calls and emails were exchanged over the course of those 7 months, but she did it all cheerfully and enthusiastically, with a mindset of making every moment with me as special as possible.  Thank you, Mom!  I love you.

September 26, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Lori Alexander - Absolutely beautiful, Lindsey! Thank you for sharing your very special day. So happy for both of you.

September 29, 2014 - 7:47 pm

Andrea - Loved every single detail of your special day! What a stunning and extraordinary event. xoxo

Ireland | Part 2

Following the lesson on dessert styling, we learned our next assignment would be all about styling cheese.  And even better, in preparation we’d get to visit the St. Tola organic goat cheese farm, located just south of Burren and about half an hour from the Cliffs of Moher.




The staff at St. Tola couldn’t have been more welcoming and walked us through the entire process of cheese making – from visiting the goats in the barn; to separating the curds from the whey; to coating the rind and aging the cheeses; and finally packaging the various cheeses to be sold in the markets.  Not only was each cheese we sampled delicious, but it was amazing to see how distinct the flavors were in each one, seeing as they all originated from the same ingredients.  Cheesemaking is a fascinating process!







We returned home to find the provisions table packed full of beautiful cheeses and accompaniments and were instructed to get going on creating our own set to style and photograph.  I was partnered with my lovely new friend, Deniz, from Istanbul, and we headed upstairs with our cheese picnic in search of some good window light.  After fiddling and arranging our cheese for a good 15 minutes, we grew more and more frustrated, as we just couldn’t make it look “right.”

Thankfully, Bea came to the rescue and taught us a valuable lesson:  Work the food.  Make it look like it’s being eaten.  Unperfect.  Smear the cheese on the knife.  Scatter cracker crumbs.  Slice the apple.  Smash the grape.  And then it was suddenly beautiful.  Perfectly imperfect.  I’ve included the before & after below so you can see what I mean.


Next time, I’ll share about our trip into town including our visit to the local butcher, and our lesson on styling meat & fish.